Every day you have to do something to make your heart dance. It could just be looking at the sky. And on the days when you can’t even let your heart dance, because you are in a heavy situation or too depressed, you have to do something to let other people’s hearts dance.

Yoko Ono


A Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development study showed that 99% of respondents said that coaching delivers tangible results to both individuals and organisations. 

Coaching is used by organisations for:

  • improving individual performance
  • dealing with under-performance
  • improving productivity
  • personal development
  • growing future staff
  • fostering a culture of learning and development
  • motivating staff
  • accelerating change in organisations
  • demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to staff
  • improving staff retention
  • reducing costs of generalised external courses
  • helping staff to achieve better work-life balance
  • satisfying demand for coaching from employees

Our approach

Current leadership and management thinking shows that there is a real need for leaders who are: flexible and dynamic; in tune with their own vision and values and able to balance their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. For centuries there has been a tradition of one-to-one personal and professional development, through gurus, coaches and mentors. This practice produces increased knowledge, develops skills, gives a greater sense of self and leads to improved performance.

We help you to:

  • develop your personal and professional effectiveness
  • become more aware
  • identify your strengths and build on them
  • understand your own motivations and vision
  • solve problems
  • manage change
  • improve interpersonal relationships
  • take responsibility
  • develop greater self-awareness and belief.

The Mindful Leadership Foundation offers a strictly confidential, personal, development opportunity for individuals to reappraise their current position, to define their futures and to help them to overcome hurdles to that development. We aim to create a safe and nurturing context where individuals can develop by gaining a greater understanding both of themselves and of the ways they can deliver their vision in a rapidly changing world. Our approach is to stimulate clients to develop their own critical reflection, so that they can lead themselves and others with the confidence that is borne of inner authority.

The coaching programme

  • Eight, monthly, 90 minute individual, confidential sessions
  • highly effective person-centred approach
  • strong structure
  • reflective tools
  • uses the latest thinking on leadership
  • harnesses different psychological models (including Transactional Analysis, Cognitive and Positive Psychology)
  • constant review to ensure you get what you need

What you can expect of your coach...

  • to work with you, one-to-one, supporting your development in a safe, nurturing and confidential environment within our Code of Ethics
  • to be committed to working to create an effective partnership with you
  • to help you to know yourself better and to work on those things which you and the coach contract

All our coaches...

  • work at the highest levels of the third and public sectors
  • have had successful leadership and management experience
  • are passionate about value-driven organisations
  • have a psychological training
  • use the 4 intelligences in our work
  • maintain a high level of personal and professional development
  • review our work constantly
  • have and offer ongoing supervision
  • have trained coaches / psychotherapists