Wisdom is gained through pain and reflection.


What is mindful leadership? 

We live in an age of crisis. What makes it different to any other in history is that we have more knowledge through technology, education and media of its manifestations, yet we seem to lack the mindful compassionate leadership to address it.  Mindful Leaders are equally comfortable with complexity, vulnerability, humanity, reflection and action and are keen to make the world better.

The Mindful Leadership Foundation exists to support, nurture and develop leaders grappling with the big issues.

The overarching aims for all our work is to enable leaders to:

  1. be fully present in any moment: equally those of joy, celebration, success, as those of sadness, loss or failure
  2. be fully be who you can be, living a life that is truly aligned with authentic values that you have healthily chosen
  3. be energetically intelligent: not just the shorthand of IQ, but emotionally, physically, spiritually and creatively
  4. be passionate and compassionate, filled with drive and love
  5. be reflective, able to stop, be silent, be with yourself to reflect and learn from thought, word and deed
  6. know yourself: where you have come from, what has formed and informed who you are and how you think about yourself, others and the world, how you feel and behave and why
  7. be informed about and engaged with the world
  8. be alert and alive to connection
  9. be open and flexible
  10. be still and active
  11. be keen to find a meaning and narrative, for yourself, for what happens, for others, for the world
  12. be sustainable, using your own and the world's resources wisely and with compassionate, tender loving care
  13. be ethical and empathic
  14. have a psychological understanding and acceptance of yourself and others
  15. desire a better, fairer world where all can be fully themselves


  • Our vision is for a world characterised by fairness, care, equality, excellence, creativity, empathy and love
  • We believe this world can be created by leaders who solve global problems in a human, sustainable and mindful way


To support, sustain, nurture, challenge and develop pro-social leaders.


  • to be useful and kind to pro-social leaders and organisations
  • to provide high quality coaching, personal, team and leadership development to leaders at all levels of value-based organisations
  • to inform our offer with leading-edge research in collaboration with others
  • to create projects and networks which deliver the vision
  • to enable clients and organisations to gain a better self-awareness in order to be the best they can be
  • to develop existing and potential leaders in reflective, mindful, value-led, sustainable, psychologically informed and intelligent leadership
  • to develop cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative leadership with our clients
  • to help those who make a difference in the world to make a difference for each other
  • to be a value-led, effective, efficient, caring and sustainable provider