A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.

Marcus Aurelius

tMLF has developed highly successful and intensive residential retreats which we have been running since 2004. Attendees have found them profound, refreshing and energising. There is something about being away from home and the office that enables intense reflection and refocus.

The residential experience will:

  • help you to know yourself, strengths, history, values, vision and how you marry these to your organisational culture, values and vision and to know yourself with others as a leader and how to overcome the barriers between you and your vision in order to develop your mindful leadership
  • give you a time to reflect and renew your sense of purpose
  • provide a chance to explore new ideas and recharge
  • enable you to develop a reflective learning practice 
  • build your emotional, physical and spiritual intelligences
  • develop deep listening and coaching skills

This is achieved by:

  • facilitated experiential learning
  • individual coaching sessions
  • guided reflection
  • comprehensive workbook
  • latest research made practical and experiential (intelligences, attachment, neuroscience, leadership)
  • coaching and listening
  • the creative journal
  • reflective time-outs
  • personal planning
  • contracting tools
  • action learning
  • using the group
  • giving and receiving feedback

Call to find out how we can help you or you team find the transformational power of the residential experience.

The residential shone a torch into hidden/ignored areas that needed some light and warmth - in a compassionate, constructive and practical way. Exhausting, uplifting and inspiring.

Executive Director National Drugs Charity