The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.

Carl Jung

Client Testimonials

The Mindful Leadership Foundation’s retreat gave me the time I can very rarely find for myself to reflect on how I personally deliver the vital changes I want to see in the world, it was powerful, challenging and extremely valuable. I am using what I learned just about every day.  It was time well spent.

Tony Juniper, International Environmental Campaigner

The Mindful Leadership Retreat is without comparison the most useful four days I have ever spent. It facilitated a lasting change in the confidence and speed with which I lead. In every aspect. And it changed my perception of the best version of me and brought it out. If you are ready, it has the potential to deliver everything it promises – and that’s a lot.

Preben Petersen, Staff Manager, Aller Media, Denmark

The Mindful Leadership Foundation has a winning formula for an integrated and coaching-based approach to helping leaders and teams to marshal their intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical intelligences in their daily living and their professional roles. My participation in the retreat marked the start of a new and richer personal and professional journey that provided me with greater focus, balance and energy.

Chief Executive, International Cultural Organisation

The tMLF programme was very challenging, totally absorbing, and extremely rewarding.  I would say to anyone seeking to improve their performance in an innovative way:  try it; you'll like it.

Marketing Director, International Aid Organisation

It is amazing the change that has occurred in me after the residential. Before, I used to have this anxiety and I would always be worrying that this and that needs to be done and never satisfied with my achievements. Now, I have this calmness and confidence in me that I am in control of things.”  

General Secretary, International Alliance Geneva


The Mindful Leadership programme was incredibly different from anything I've ever done gave me a unique opportunity to consider: who I am (both in and out of work); what I stand for; and how I should act. Encouraging, stimulating and was a significant four days.

Director of Marketing and Communications 


The Mindful Leadership Foundation process has changed my way of thinking like no other leadership  process I have been through.

President and Executive Director, Music Festival


I have participated in many management development courses over my career and can definitely say that this has been the best form of learning ever and has a double bonus as it can also benefit me in my personal life.  Thank you to your team.

Head of ICT, Housing Association 

Duncan Fraser is the most experienced and effective facilitator I have met in 25 years.
CEO, Social Care Organisation 

The residential shone a torch into hidden/ignored areas that needed some light and warmth - in a compassionate, constructive and practical way. Exhausting, uplifting and inspiring...
Director of Operations, National Charity


The Mindful Leadership Foundation programme was the most amazing experience which has helped me to refocus on the things that are most important to me in life. It has unlocked something inside me and changed my life for good. I feel privileged to have been a participant.

Director, Award winning Museum

Thanks so much for last week. It opened a door into another me, and to a different experience and relationship with others

Finance Director, Cultural Organisation

Probably the most important and well-timed opportunity to reflect I am ever likely to have. This programme, the team and the setting combined into a precious gift that has given me strength and insight into the ways I can manage my work / life balance and be the best I can possibly be. Thank you.

Regional Director, Social Care Organisation

The coaching enabled me to open my mind to another way of thinking and living...

Head of Planning, International Opera House

The retreat offered me a rare chance to step back, and refocus on what really matters, as a leader and as a person. What resulted was clarity about direction and goals, and a new sense of energy, purpose and commitment. Highly recommended!

Managing Director, Housing Association

the Mindful Leadership Foundation’s Leadership Retreat provided an inspirational experience enabling me to reach clarity and fulfilment in both my personal and professional lives and to return to leading my team with renewed vision, energy and focus.

Director Award Winning Entertainment Business

An incredible experience and one which I will not easily forget.

Chief Executive,  Housing Association


The retreat was the best development Programme I have ever attended. It really made me think about what it means to be a truly mindful leader and gave me much to reflect on, not only professionally but in the way I live my life. Duncan is a very talented coach and mentor and he created a positive environment in which the group was able to learn and develop. 

CEO, NHS Trust

I found the process very useful / helpful at a time when I need some perspective – thank you


The process has very successfully enabled me to be more clear about my future aspirations and direction


The process helped me to raise my confidence and self-esteem

I’ve done 4 or 5 management courses before, they are always the same, but this was different and has had a huge impact. Thank you


A good way to develop my awareness especially in difficult circumstances


The quality of the relationship with you is one of tenderness, patience and loving challenge


Thought provoking programme which teases you with the questions to find your own answers


The coaching took me out of my comfort zone and made me really think about what is important for me