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Top Team

This highly successful 9 month programme can transform teams. It combines what research has shown is the most effective and sustainable learning methodology, combining intensive individual coaching with team learning and planning.


  • combining individual coaching, residential and group work (Action Learning) using tMLF’s framework
  • 8 monthly, individual,  90 minute coaching sessions
  • introductory team day (half day)
  • 2 residential group sessions, each of two and a half days, to take place after the 2nd and 7th individual sessions
  • 2 twilight sessions, to be used as further group development, Action Learning, Observation and support at the end of the day of sessions 7 and 8
  • Final day of celebration and planning


The programme offers a strictly confidential, personal, development opportunity for individuals to reappraise their current position, to define their futures and to help them to overcome hurdles to that development.

  • to work with, support and develop the team, individually and as a group
  • to invest in, encourage and support, the personal and leadership development of the team members
  • to develop the team and its approaches, integrating the best of existing practice
  • to develop tools for learning and a learning culture
  • develop and support the personal and professional effectiveness of the team and its constituent members
  • to develop the reflective practice of the team using the five intelligences (intellectual, emotional, spiritual, creative and physical)
  • to explore a reflective practice within the team 
  • to celebrate success to date

coaching aims 

helping you to:

  • become more aware
  • identify your strengths and build on them
  • develop your personal and professional effectiveness
  • understand your own motivations and vision
  • solve problems
  • manage change
  • improve important interpersonal relationships
  • take responsibility
  • develop greater self-awareness and belief in yourself

 the coaching programme

  • Eight, monthly, 90 minute individual, confidential sessions
  • highly effective person-centred approach
  • strong structure
  • reflective tools
  • uses the latest thinking on leadership
  • harnesses different psychological models (including Transactional Analysis, Cognitive and Positive Psychology)
  • constant review to ensure the client gets what they need 

what you can expect of your coach...

  • to work with you, one-to-one, supporting your development in a safe, nurturing and confidential environment within our Code of Ethics
  • to be committed to working to create an effective partnership with you
  • to help you to know yourself better and to work on those things which you and he contract

the residential experience

  • to maximise the individual learning for the team
  • to enable the team to be reflective
  • to develop a shared language and approach (using TA and tMLF tools©)
  • to celebrate success
  • to build a learning culture for the team as well as its constituent members
  • to provide a way to share what is important about the team and to plan ways to build on it
  • to review the process


Disconnected, poor communication, fragmented, inconsistent, dis-jointed, unclear, muddled, uncertain, untrusting, split, defensive, painful, conflicted, disempowering, depressing, tired, confused, not listened to, under-achieving, stressful, isolated, stressed, challenging, frantic, frenetic, silo-focused, too busy, challenging, too busy


Consistent, Engaged, Cohesive, Together, Focused, Driven, Effective, High Achieving, Fun, Supportive, Positive, Happy, Communicative, Accepting and Challenging of one Another, Meeting Regularly, trusted, Dynamic, connected, linked, supportive, understanding, strong, positive, hopeful, kind, brave, awesome, real, united, loyal, comfortabl, understanding and tolerant,  trusting, respectful, cohesive, caring, connected and energized, connected, harmonised, aware, closer and more open to discuss difficult issues.