Every day you have to do something to make your heart dance. It could just be looking at the sky. And on the days when you can’t even let your heart dance, because you are in a heavy situation or too depressed, you have to do something to let other people’s hearts dance.

Yoko Ono

W@W The Wellbeing @ Work project 

Lord Layard describes wellbeing as to 'increase happiness and reduce misery' at work. (Thrive. Clarke/Layard 2014).

tMLF aims to research the psychological, psychodynamic, cultural, economic, social, organisational, systemic, emotional and personal factors which contribute to increasing wellbeing at work. Where does responsibility for wellbeing lie between employer and employee?

tMLF is working in partnership with a range of organisations and the project aims to:

  • research/scope current thinking, research, services and practice 
  • consider factors which contribute to wellbeing at work
  • identify good practice
  • summarise the current issues
  • undertake practical research
  • devise and disseminate models of good practice
  • work in partnership with other appropriate individuals and bodies
  • contribute to the ongoing debates about wellbeing at work as the leading authoritative voice on Wellbeing at Work
  • to incubate commercial products and services

We have set up a steering group which includes the following partners: ABRSM, BBC, British Council, CRi, LEON, Mental Health Foundation, What Works Wellbeing.

If you want to part of this important project please contact us.

See Articles for a briefing paper.